Artist: Freddie Timms

Freddie Timms
Born c. 1946, Gija, Kununurra, Kimberley region

Freddie Timms' paintings, with expanses of paint lined with white dots. When I saw his artwork first time was in  a book that called "ONE SUN ONE MOON - ABORIGINAL ART IN AUSTRALIA". His painting (JACKYARD 2004) is on the cover of this book that deeply attracted me. Many of his pictures are like aerial maps of the bones of the country where he lived and worked all his life. Mapping is on a topographic level that showing features of the landscape such as black soil, red ground, sandy ground, hills, creeks and water holes as well as a historical and spiritual level, showing roads, stockyards, homesteads and dreaming places. Much of the country where he worked on Lissadell, a frequent painting subject, is now under the water of Lake Argyle formed by the damming of the Ord River.

Painted by Freddie Timms
synthetic polymer paint on canvas, diptych;
300x 180 cm

 Wunubi Spring
Painted by Freddie Timms
synthetic polymer paint on canvas, diptych;
300x 180 cm

 Untitled 1991 
Painted by Freddie Timms
123x 91 cm

1997 Painted by Freddie Timms
122 x 70 cm triptych,  each panel 40 x 70 cm

Timms bases his painted portrayals of his country on actual topographical features instead of exploring ancestral mythological themes, choosing instead to focus on the landscape's history and evolution since colonisation. Many of Timms' paintings are stories of exploitation, alcohol and violence. He often seeks to impart his political views through his paintings. 


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Website - Aboriginal Fine Arts http://www.aaia.com.au/freddietimms.htm
Japingka Gallery - Australian Aboriginal Art http://www.japingka.com.au/artist-profiles.cfm?artistID=58

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